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Bullet Athletics

Brandywine Heights Area School District


Bullet Athletics

Brandywine Heights Area School District

Bullet Athletics

Brandywine Heights Area School District

Facility Usage

Facility Usage Registration

For information on how to create an account and request time: Facility Usage Registration


Rules And Regulations For Use Of Facilities


1. It is the responsibility of the individual group and/or organization utilizing school facilities to understand, support, and enforce the Brandywine Heights Area School District’s policies, rules, and regulations regarding use of facilities.

2. It is the responsibility of the group or organization to share the policies, rules, and regulations with all their respective coaches, advisors, and/or supervisors, etc. who are directly responsible for the activity. Disregarding these policies will result in that activity and/or the entire organization being suspended from using the facilities.

3. The building rules and regulations should also be distributed and posted for all participants, parents, students and guests. The person responsible for the activity is responsible for making sure that everyone respect the rules and regulations.

4. When facilities within a building are being used by multiple events, groups, and/or organizations, the coaches, advisors, or supervisors have the responsibility to collaborate and cooperate regarding the supervision, equipment use, and equipment storage as necessary, and appropriate. (Ex. basketball in main gym, baseball in auxiliary gym)

5. No students and/or children are permitted to be unsupervised or allowed to “roam” unsupervised within the facilities or on school property.

6. There shall be supervision so there is no tobacco use on all school properties, and no food or drinks in the gymnasiums, auditoriums, computer labs and classrooms.

7. Individuals, groups, or organizations are responsible for supervising the distribution of keys to only appropriate authorized personnel only, along with collection of keys if coaches and/or advisors leave the program. All groups and organizations must maintain an up to date listing of authorized key carrying personnel.

8. An individual, group and/or organization who fails to understand, support, and enforce the policies, and rules will be suspended from using the facilities. This group will become financially responsible for any damage done during their time in the facility. This includes informing any students, parents, visitors and guests of the policies and rules.


 9. When a group or organization arrives for their activity, they are immediately responsible to quickly survey that the facility in general and the bathrooms are in appropriate condition. This is also expected after the activity had ended. If any damage or problems are observed (or occur), they are to contact the Athletic Office at 610.682.5102x 2500 immediately upon their discovery for appropriate action and documentation.

10.  On days when there is early dismissal or school is canceled due to emergency conditions (i.e. snow days), the school buildings will be closed. All scheduled use will automatically be canceled unless specifically approved by the Superintendent.

11. As in the past, the facilities coordinator in collaboration with the Superintendent and/or principal will determine the “bumping” list due to inclement weather or other emergencies.

12. Individuals, groups, and/or organizations will be assessed a fee for any costs incurred as a result of damage, misuse of security system and/or failure to properly secure the facilities.
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