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Bullet Athletics

Brandywine Heights Area School District


Bullet Athletics

Brandywine Heights Area School District

Bullet Athletics

Brandywine Heights Area School District

Brandywine Heights Boosters GO BULLET!

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What does the Sports Booster Club do?

Provides funding, $900.00 per team for the high school athletic teams to attend training camps and clinics, tournaments, summer league registrations, practice rounds, summer lessons (golf), indoor court time (tennis) and training videos and equipment.


Provides funding and hosts the alumni food and beverage tent at Homecoming.


Provides funding to purchase training equipment to be used in the athletic training facility.


Coordinates the annual Sports Banquet and provides funding for decorations and program books.


Provides funding to pay for the dinners of the coaches and athletics at the annual Sports Banquet.


Provides funding for the MVP’s, Players’ Player, Outstanding Seniors and Special Recognition awards.


Provides funding to cover half of the cost for varsity letter winners.


Sponsors calendar ad sales for yearly business ad book. A commission is paid to student athletes who sell ads for the book for them to purchase sports related items.


Operates the concession stand for various home sports team events


Allows community groups’ usage of the concession stand for various sports events.


Sponsors the annual Bullet Invitational Wrestling Tournament at the school providing ticket sellers, concession stand and food for coaches and referees.


Provided funding for the chairs in the gym for the athletes to sit on during games.


Sponsors ad for Berks Senior Classic, Coaches Roundtable


Provides ticket sellers for home sporting events.


Provides recognition to either individual or team State Champions.


Provides extra training funds to coaches to use for the benefit of their team.
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